Hi, I’m Shaun, a visual artist and writer based in Brisbane, Australia.

I work across a variety of media, but my art practice is grounded in painting. Recently I have chosen to focus on flowers and people as subjects, in addition to text-based works, through which I explore coded representations of power, gender and personal narrative.


As a kid I thought my claim to fame would be as an author. Much of my childhood was spent writing and illustrating short stories and I began formal painting lessons at the age of eleven. Today, many of my artworks stand in place of stories I can’t find the words to express. In addition to making art from my suburban Brisbane studio, I also write a blog (gobuildabridge.com) and am working on my first book.


My formal qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts (Visual Art) from Queensland University of Technology and a Certificate IV in Graphic Design and Advertising from the Commercial Arts Training College. At university I earned the nickname ‘Fluff Monger’ given I literally paint fluffy materials. Chenille, especially vintage bedspreads, remains a favourite.


Conceptually I operate within the context of a seemingly innocuous notion of a ‘bit of fluff / piece of meat’. I love words and place a great deal of importance on the titles I give each of my works. My ultimate goal is connection – to communicate the shared experience between viewer and maker.


Whilst on one hand I’m happy to simply capture the fleeting beauty of a famous face or a bunch of flowers, I don’t believe we should accept things at face value. I have been described as someone who is constantly looking for deeper meaning, even in things that seem superficial.


I acknowledge that all art is open to interpretation. I welcome feedback and opportunities to collaborate.